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The Property


ENT - Reception




12 suites of 565 Sq.Ft. and 4 executive rooms of 385 Sq.Ft. each. are spread over two floors.


Large enough lobby that accommodates the luggage of group arrivals. Lobby has wash rooms too.


A drive in porch lets you right into the property.

Stairs Subtly lit


Fully equipped pantry


Full Length Mirror


Subtle yet appropriately lit stairs lead you to your suites.


Functional pantry equipped with microwave, kettle, toaster, besides a Fire extinguisher.


A full length mirror in the sleeping area reflects your complete dressing style.

Ample car parking for the self driven


Bar stool at the B'fast counter


Fully loaded Entertainment center with room theatre


Ample car parking for the self driven and Chauffeur driven


while the bar stool at the B'fast counter sets the mood for a party in the evening, the futon in the living area doubles into a twin bed


Fully loaded entertainment center with a room theater, TATA Sky connection, and a Fridge.